Problem with starting Python kernel

For the last few hours I tried to get my python install running with Knime to be able to use the Python scripting nodes.

I am running Knime on a Win 10 64-bit machine.

Right now I am stuck at an error I really can’t get any clues from:

ERROR PythonKernel ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pandas.tslib’

What I did so far:
First after some fiddeling around I cleaned my system from any remaining python installations. (Also cleaning my PATH and ENVVARS). Then I installed a fresh Python 3.7.2. After setting up Knimes settings to the python path I got the expected numpy missing etc…
So I did install all needed packages with pip until Knime recognizes my Python3 installation as it should. Also this install is set as default. There are no other python installs left on my machine at this point and Knime recognizes the correct Version of Python without any errors.

Now everytime I try to use a Python Scripting Node (not changing even a single bit of source code) my Knime console outputs the error mentioned above suggesting pandas.tslib was not found. The only thing I found which could be worth a try would be to set up a complete Anaconda env. But I really want to avoid this as I won’t use 95% of all the things installed with it.

Hi @MaDOS,

you can find installation instructions for our python integration here:

Let us know if you run into any problems!


As I already specified I would really like to not have to install a full Anaconda environment. However I managed to at least workaround my problem by using an older version of pandas (in my case 0.23.x) which seems to work so far. (at least knime seems to execute code in my python nodes without any errors).

I see why installing anaconda beforehand makes things much easier as I had to install a lot of packages manually even after getting it python to work (like matplotlib) (and as it seems have to find out which version works). But it might a good idea to compile a list of needed packages (with working versions) for the python integration to work so people don’t have to use anaconda to get it to work.

Got it. Does this list make sense though?

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I must have been blind yesterday… Thanks this would have been all I needed

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Perfect. Thanks for letting us know and please let us know if you need anything more :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to let you know that we fixed this bug in the meantime. Pandas 0.24 will be supported by the next version of KNIME Analytics Platform :slight_smile:.