Problem with String to DateTime Node

Hello all,

I have some problem when try to phase millisecond with String to Date Time Node.
The node cannot phase my string “2021040211045139” with format like “yyyyMMddHHmmssSS”. It always shows error. I add to add “.” to my string and it will be “20210402110451.39”. Then the node can phrase fine with format like “yyyyMMddHHmmss.SS”. I attachment 2 images below to show the problem. Could you help me to phrase date time with original string with format “yyyyMMddHHmmssSS”. Thank you.



Hi @Maykungth ,

interesting case, I did a bit of research. This is actually a bug in Java 8, see Is java.time failing to parse fraction-of-second? - Stack Overflow. As the upcoming release of version 4.4 of KNIME will use Java 11, your format will work there. For now, I guess you need to use a workaround. You can use the String Manipulation node with the expression join(substr($column1$, 0, 14), ".", substr($column1$, 14)) (where column1 is the name of your column) to insert the period before the milliseconds. Then you can use yyyyMMddHHmmss.SS as date format.

Hope this works for you.



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