Problem with the update KNIME to 4.7


during the update process i got this error message:

2022-12-06 16_24_50-Problem Occurred

Some idea ?

Thx in advance


can you please try again? This was right during the release and there was a small problem with cached files.


On my in place updated KNIME 4.7 there is no button (right top coкner) to switch to the new interface. Need advice: how to activate it?

HI @izaychik63 -

Does View → Reset Perspective fix it by chance?

Thank you, Scott. In my case not.

Hrm. In my case I just updated as well, and can still see the button. I’m on Windows - are you on a different OS? I can ask internally to see if anyone else has run into this yet.

I’m on Win 10 Pro. For a case my screen below

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Thanks. I’m assuming you still have the KNIME Modern UI Preview extension installed, right?

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No. I assumed it as default for 4.7. Let me install it.
Thank you

Hello @Iris ,

the installation was now running without a problem today.

Thank you!

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