Problems about adding column headers

Hi everyone, I’m a beginning KNIME student and I’m running into problems with my assignments.

Here’s my homework and workflow.

Why do I end up with no data? And why can’t I find the Insert Column Header node (my version is 5.1.1)

Thanks in advance. :grinning:

Welcome to the forum @Yang0228.

Why do I end up with no data?

It’s impossible for us to tell from the screenshot. You haven’t given us any information. You haven’t shown us any node configurations. You haven’t shown us the output from the upstream nodes. You haven’t even mentioned what the warning message in the Joiner node says. The best I can guess is that you didn’t configure the Joiner node correctly.

And why can’t I find the Insert Column Header node (my version is 5.1.1)

Because it doesn’t exist in version 5.1.1. Try using the Column Renamer (Dictionary) node instead.

Thank you very much for your reply!

The first File Reader is the one I read directly from the URL. Now I’m going to add column names to them.

The second File Reader is the column name.

I extracted the column names through the Column Name Extractor node.

Transpose via Table Transposer node.

Here’s my Jonier node configuration box.

You don’t have any matching criteria. Click on the Add button to add the desired amount of comparisons. Then select the appropriate columns. Example:


I’m still a bit puzzled very embarrassed and I feel like I did something wrong in one of the previous steps that led me to it. Can you check it for me if you can?

Attached are my workflow and column header names.

KNIME Basic_I_O.knwf (82.6 KB)
adult_headers.txt (177 Bytes)

Hi @Yang0228,

I would suggest that you take a step back: Wouldn’t it make more sense to extract the column names from the table that is read from the and try to match the column names that you have there to the names provided in the adult_headers.txt? Once you have all the names in a single column (check which output port you are using!), you can join them together with the actual headers.

Please note that the forum is not meant to be a place where your class assignments are solved. You can ask specific questions to receive pointers, but you will have to do the heavy lifting!

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your reply, I will take time to think about it.

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