Problems installing latest version of the server

Hi. I’m trying to upgrade to 4.12.1. I followed the instructions on KNIME Server Installation Guide, I did the following steps:

Made a backup of The full Tomcat folder and The full server repository folder, except the temp folder

Installed the new Executor using the graphical interface (knime-server-installer- from KNIME Product Downloads 2020-12 | KNIME 1)

Restored the files backed previously

I can launch the server but when I try to run a workflow it never starts. It can create the job.

Looks like there is a problem of communication.

I’m attaching the log localhost_access_log.2021-02-11.txt (43.8 KB) .

hello @lsandinop,

the executor is running?


Yes It is. We ran first srturtup.bat (apache) and after start-executor.bat (from the executor).


I’m going to assume that your installation is using Apache Tomcat and not Apache TomEE, since you said you made a backup of the full tomcat folder in your original post.

Some shorthand:
<KS> = The directory where KNIME Server is installed.
<KE> = The directory where the KNIME Executor is installed.
<Apache> = The apache directory, probably called “apache-tomcat-9.0.36” or something similar.
<WF> = The workflow repository, usually located in <KS>\workflow_repository

On the upgrade to KNIME Server, did you:

  1. Stop KS.
  2. Go into <KS>\<Apache>\webapps
  3. ren knime.war knime.war.old
  4. Download [1] and put it in this folder, then rename it to knime.war
  5. delete the knime folder under webapps. (The server will recreate it on next startup.)
  6. Go into <KS>\<Apache>\lib
  7. ren knime-tomcat.jar knime-tomcat.jar.old
  8. Download [2] and put it in this folder, then rename it to knime-tomcat.jar.
  9. Restart KS.

Then, for the upgrade on KNIME Executor, first stop the Executor.
Then, on Windows, there’s two ways you can go about it:
a. move <KE> to <KE>.old, download the new KE from [3] and use 7zip [4] to open it up, then extract everything inside the knime_full-4.3.1 into a new <KE> folder, and put your old knime.ini into the new <KE> folder.
b. OR Go into <KE> and open up knime.exe, then use the GUI to update (File>Update KNIME). Note that this will only work from 4.2.x onward; if your KE is older than that, you will need to go route (a) above and do a full download-and-replace.

Finally, check your <WF>\config\knime-server.config to make sure it contains:
(The knime_exe row should be blank after the equal sign.)

And check your <KE>\knime.ini to make sure that this line is in it:
If it isn’t, then add it to the bottom of your knime.ini file.

Once that’s done, you should be able to start the executor and be in business.

Let me know if you have any additional challenges with this, and if you need direct support, feel free to contact us at

Thank you,

[4] Download

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Hello, thanks for your help, but it still does not create the jobs.
I followed every instruction, run the KS, published the Workflow and it still says that It could not create the job. It did not run the examples either.

I just make it again today, and it worked. Thanks

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