Problems starting the executor

ello everybody

install from version 4.12 to version 4.13 according to the installation guides but I get a problem when launching the executor, I don’t know what I can do

Dear @lizardovanegas

could you take a look at the knime.ini file located in the Executor installation directory?
It contains startup parameters. Specifically a line to communicate with the broker (a bridge between KNIME Server and Executor). The default for a local installation is:


You can also compare this to the old Executor, if you still have the files available.

Kind regards


Hello friend marvin

Compare the two knime.ini and add the broker line but after these tests it still continues to show me this failure although I have a doubt since in the new knime.ini the profilelocation is not defined, this I must add in the documentation it is not so clear this point


That is odd. Would you mind pasting your knime.ini here?
How are you starting the Executor? via

The knime.ini is mentioned in the upgrade guide here: KNIME Server Release Notes and Update Guide

Kind regards


Marvin, Thank you, if you were right I had something wrong with the Knime.ini and I managed to solve it again thanks


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