Problems to understand the Set Operator node


My confusion started actually that I have to lists in each a column that should be integrated into one list.

As I only was able to find the insert into a list for string columns (upper path) not lists into list, I kept on looking and found the Set Operator node and tried to employ it.
I converted the lists to sets, split them to feed them into the Set Operator node.


I have two problems with the result of the Set Operator node.

Orange box: I was expecting the same number of rows, one set getting integrated into the one of the other column, like [CODE,VALIDITY,KNOWLEDGE].
“Blue box”: The order of rows changed.
I cannot make out the union here… unless the Set Operator node should be a Concatenate node combined with a Group By node. Maybe, I was not reading the description carefully enough.



Hi @Thiemo.Kellner , I think the Set Operator node can be a little confusing in how it operates.

Take a look at this thread and see if it helps as it contains an example of usage…


@takbb Thanks for pointing me to the other thread. I take, my second guess on the node is right then. It operates on two sets of cells, not on two columns of sets.

I have the following workaround for this. I am not too happy about it, because I feel it fails miserably as soon as one value contains the delimiter character. In many places, this might be sufficient (in this at least), but I am feeling awkward with it.

I am thinking about an even better one.

Does not work. The set column still loses the other columns. I would need to loop to re-put schema name and table name.

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