Problems using GET Request node from a table

I’m experiencing problems while using the GET Request trying sending the request to URLs specified in an input table column. As you’ll see from the attached workflow, if I execute the node from the whole table, I obtain an empty body for all the rows after the first one. On the contrary if I execute the request from the same table but one row at a time (i.e. including the GET Request node inside a one-row-at-a-time loop) all the requests are correctly served.

Can anybody say what I’m doing wrong in the first case? Isn’t the node designed to be used in that way?

Thank you in advance!


get_request_problem.knwf (63.8 KB)

without having looked at your workflow: maybe you are hitting a rate limiting setup on the server? In that case you could try increasing the delay between the calls in the node’s config dialog.
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Hi Alexander,
Thanks for your answer. I don’t think that is the problem. I tried to set the delay also to 5000 ms but the problem persists. I don’t understand if I’m doing something wrong or there is a problem with the node. The attached workflow is minimal (i.e. 4 nodes)… if you could have a look at it, that would be great.

Hi Gio,
I had a look at the workflow. It’s strange that when I enter completely different URLs, it works just fine (I tried the google and bing homepages). I will let a developer know about this. Maybe they can help.
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Alternatively you can try the Palladian Http Retriever. It’ll handle the table just fine:


Hi @gcincilla,

Add a request header parameter with “Accept” as the key and “application/json” as the value then the problem is solved.

get_request.knwf (36.0 KB)

The missing values are generated as the binary objects have duplicate keys.



Great @armingrudd, your solution is working well.
Thank you very much for your help!


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