Problems with cell splitter node


I met an issue with the Cell Splitter node. I'm splitting cells with "," as delimiter and 'list" as output but, when the elements of the cells are more than 3, I obtain a list with "..." indicated and no other elements inside. This is not due to the visualization, the "..." remains even when I expand the list column or when I use the interactive table node.  Is this due to some options that maybe I have to set? The problem doesn't happen if I split the cell with "new columns" as output, but I can't actually manage the obtained high number of the columns.



I'm pretty sure it is just a visualisation issue. If you use an UngroupBy node on this list cell, you'll see all the entries. 


Connection several Cell Splitter Nodes to one Table Writer Node or Database Writer Node

I have a table which contains one collumn and several delimiters. To split the content of the cells, I created for each delimiter one cell splitter node.

How can I connect 3 Cell Splitter Nodes to one Table Wrtiter Node. It accepts only one input connection.



Use the Concatenate or Concatenate (Optional in) node before the Table Writer node.