Problems with double loop

Hello friends:

I ask for your help again. I have a flow in which I want to use two loops, one to create a random seed and the other to go changing the size of the children in a classification tree. The idea in which each tree starts the partition (70/30%) using a different random seed and also in each loop, change the size of the tree. I have achieved the second, but I have not managed to change the seed in the partition, always use the one in the first row, can you help me? I attach my project.

Thank you very much


Hi Gabriel,

The problem is that you are starting two loops, but use only one Loop End node. Apart from that, it seems like you don't actually need to use two loops in the first place. It would be enough to join the min num and seed columns into one table and then pass this to the Table Row to Variable Loop. Both parameters will then be available as flow variables within the loop.

Hope that helps!