Problems with JavaScript Views

First of all, Happy New Year!
I’m using a fresh installation of KNIME 4.5 on WIN10 and I have observed some problems with JavaScript Views on different nodes (having a JS View).
However, I can reconstruct the problems mentioned below with your example WF ‘07_Using_the_Sunburst_Chart_for_Titanic’. So execute this WF and open the view on the last node!

1. Missing Conent: When in ‘Preferences->KNIME->JavaScript Views’ the second option (Bundled Chromium Browser (version91)) is activated, no content is shown in the freshly opened window. The window itself has a header showing the KNIME logo, the text ‘Survival Rate Viz’ and also the 3 buttons ‘Reset, Apply, Close’ are shown.

2. Problems with Exit: Switching in ‘Preferences->KNIME->JavaScript Views’ to the first option (Chromium Embeded Framework Browser’) - and opening the view again - brings back the content (the Chart), but the KNIME Logo is replaced with a standard icon. Closing now KNIME - with the JS view window open - (a) closes KNIME, (b) removes it from the Windows Taskbar, (c) removes the content from the JS Window - but the window still remains, now showing ‘Keine Rückmeldung’ in the title! Furthermore, KNIME is still shown in the WIN Task-Manager list!


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Hi @Erich_Gstrein,

Happy new year to you, too!

  1. Missing Content: This is already known and in our system as the internal reference AP-18094. I added a +1 from you.
  2. a) Logo: Well spotted! :slight_smile: Also already in the system as internal reference NXTEXT-55, added a +1 from you
    b) Problems with Exit: I can reproduce - ticket AP-18151 created. Oddly enough, if you restart KNIME with File → restart, the window is closed as intended.

Thank you very much for reporting!


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