Problems with new Refresh Button

Hi team…I’m facing with an error in Table view and multiple selection widget whenever I press the refresh bottom I see some strange characters in table view and widget as shown below:

before clicking refresh button:


attached a sample of my wf: Insert GAp Information _ Sample Forum.knwf (110.6 KB)

I didn’t test in KNIME server yet, this error occurs in AP.

Just an additional question, is there a way to customize refresh button stile via css?

tks in advance.

Hi @rafaelfre1,

thanks for asking. I also run into the encoding issue and have made the developers aware (internal reference: AP-17800). I’ll keep you posted on updates, especially if we find a workaround.
Luckily, this seems to work fine in the WebPortal.

Currently it isn’t possible to directly style the refresh button, though it is likely be possible via WebPortal theming. I’ll ask internally; maybe I am missing something.

Kind regards


great, tks so much, Marvin.

Typing a reply here, to keep this topic open. This issue has not been resolved yet.
Using the refresh button widget still messes with character encoding in the table view, after which components must be reset manually to restore proper depiction.

Hi @mwakileh,

this issue should have been fixed with KNIME 4.5.2. Could you check that that is the version you are using (Help → About KNIME Analytics Platform)? If so, can you share a workflow that allows us to reproduce the issue?

Kind regards

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Hi Marvin, thanks for the quick response! I’ve been busy and missed updating after 4.5. This issue is resolved!


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