problems with the hub

I need to install phyton in the hub and I have no idea and I can’t find any documentation on how to do it, thank you very much.

Hello @lizardovanegas ,

When you create an Execution Context on Business Hub based on a full build you will have Python bundled available. If you need additional libraries there would be two ways to add/use further Python libraries to Hub. (Or on an Executor). You can use the Conda Environment Propagation node, or customize the Executor image used.

To get started with Conda environment propagation, check out Manage Your Python Environments with Conda and KNIME | KNIME or KNIME Python Integration Guide.

Any libraries installed using Conda environment propagation will be removed when the executor restarts and installed again next time, so libraries that are used often should probably be installed as part of the executor docker image. We are currently working on documenting this procedure, but it isn’t there just yet.
If you want to try configuring the image without documentation, you may find some pointers in our Business Hub Admin Guide or Python documentation.

Also here are some pointers about Conda environment with docker:

But it may make sense to use the Conda Environment Propagation for now.



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