Problems with the Write-to-Excel-Template Node


i am using the Write-to-Excel-Template Node one times and after creating a Excel-File how i want, the node “crashed” .

I restart the workflow, disconnect the Node , delete it and put a “fresh” one into the workflow.
Sometimes it helped somtimes not. :thinking:

P0-Columnfilter-Node und Excel-to-write-node

Data input

Setting Options Write-to-Excel-Template Node

Setting Advanced Options Write-to-Excel-Template Node

Column Filter Node

comparison with the Excel-Template-File

P4-Fehler Write-to-Excel-Node
*ERROR Write To Excel Template 4:1009 Execute failed: Reason: Error while writing This Style does *
*not belong to the supplied Workbook Styles Source. *
Are you trying to assign a style from one workbook to the cell of a different workbook?

I checked the cell formatting of the template so that it matches the data (see also the image of the Columnfilter node).

I am at a loss.

Thx in advance

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I guess this is one for @AnotherFraudUser :slight_smile:

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could you provide the Template Excel to me without data (just the formatting and maybe the cell headers if possible)

Will checkout the issue and try to fix it :slight_smile:
From the error message it sounds like some issues with handling certain Excel formats - so hopefully not too much of an issue to fix

@Alice_Krebs thanks for tagging :+1:

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Hi @AnotherFraudUser ,


Thx in advance!

_AB021_ABSCHLUSS-Angepasst_als_KNIME-Template.xlsx (15.4 KB)


I think I found the issue :slight_smile:
The node did not clean up some cell formats after processing a file.
So if the node was executed a second time it failed when processing affected cells (mostly date formats)

Which version of KNIME are you using?
I updated Version 4.5-4.7, which upfully should showup in a few hours :slight_smile:


HI @AnotherFraudUser ,

thank you for your quick response!

I use KNIME Version 4.7.



Great then the update should show up for you :slight_smile:
If issues still appear feel free to tag me :+1:


Hi @AnotherFraudUser ,

thx !

Do I have to re-copy the node into my workflow or how do I get to the current node?




first you need to update the extension:
e.g. through:

or Install KNIME Extension and then the newest version of AF-Utilities :slight_smile:

Afterwards it should work directly (but I guess to be sure replace the node with a new one)

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Hello @AnotherFraudUser,

i tried both,but i got this:

No Update were found

AF Uitity Nodes installed:

Community AF Nodes

AF Installierte Version

Already installed

Should i wait a little longer?



it seems you already have the updated version :slight_smile:
However you should not have to wait - i think this is an issue that the update does not apply correctly with your installation - does happen from time to time :see_no_evil:

Could you please add the -clean option to your knime.ini (located in your installation folder)?

Sorry for the trouble - hope that fixes the issue :slight_smile:

@AnotherFraudUser :+1:

i will try:

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should the clean option not work - could you please confirm that the error message is the same?
I just tested it again with a fresh installation and the last issue seems to be fixed on my side :see_no_evil:


Got this
Knime startet nicht mehr


Try it with my old KINME.ini

ERROR Write To Excel Template 3:1009 Execute failed: Reason: Error while writing This Style does not belong to the supplied Workbook Styles Source. Are you trying to assign a style from one workbook to the cell of a different workbook?

Is it possible to deinstall the AF Utility and after a restart install it again?


my 4.7 .ini looks like this


could you move the -clean to the top? :slight_smile:
Still strange that you have a different order :smiley:

Maybe re-install could work as well :thinking:
Install Extension - then press already installed:

Then de-install :slight_smile:

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I build my KNIME.Ini like yours … cross my fingers that Knime start now…

1 Update
Knime started

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*just to be sure - in my .ini the memory usage of knime is higher then the default.
If you used it exactly the same and have less memory you should reduce the


to the default



*good sign that it at least starts :smiley:


:smiley: the workflow now runs through, even if the nodes in front of it were reset several times!

You did it!



Great :smiley:
Sorry that it was a bit complicated with the updates - really have to figure out why that sometimes happens :see_no_evil:

Then I wish you happy kniming and nice holidays :santa: