Problems with Weka Predictor 3.7 in KNIME 2.11.2

Hello everyone:

I am trying to do a predict model for a car´s price. I am using in Weka M5P(3.7)  and REPTree(3.7) but when I connect Weka Predictor(3.7) the following mesage appears: 

"Execute failed: Runtime class of object "1.192875E7" (index 0) in row "Row1" is DoubleCell and does not comply with its supposed superclass IntCell"

This is the first time that I have this kind of problem, before I was woking with a preview version of KNIME and it was all ok. 

I need to fix this problem, can someone help me???



Hello Gabo,

a workaround for this problem is to convert your target column (in your case the price column) from Integer to Double. If you are using the file reader node you can do this by clicking on the respective column header. In the dialog that pops up you can choose what Data Type the column has (choose Number (double precision)).

If you have a different source where you can't specify the Data Type of your target column, you can use the java snippet node to convert the target column from Integer to Double. The corresponding code is :

int value = c_in;
c_out = (double) value;

c_in stands for the input column and c_out for the output column.

Of course we are also working on a bugfix for the whole issue but with the options above you can fix your problem instantly.