Process data in real time

Now i have another problem.

In the workflow above, i have to wait for the workflow to finish to access the information. The matter is that, if the loop is too big, for example, 8 hours at each second (and will be that big or more), the amount of data will be about 28,800 records, and we will have to wait 8 hours until i can take and process the data, but we want to do it in real time. So we need results as the workflow is running, to calculate performance measure on the fly.

I have tried streaming, but the nodes not support it, and i don’t know if streaming let access the info while the node is running. Anyway, the nodes used in the workflow don’t support streaming.

Is there a way to do that ?
I mean, is there a way to access the info while the node is running. This will let us make the estimation in real time.

Hope you @ipazin or anyone else can continuum helping me on that.

How do you further process the data? Maybe it would be already sufficient to add some writer node into your loop structure, such that that the data queried in each iteration can then be used by another application for post processing.

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