Process Mining Extension - Replacement for Event Log Visualization

Hello everybody, I’ve used the PM4KNIME Process Mining Extension for some months know. After I updated to the current release (1.1.3.v202205060717) the node “Event Log Visualization” is missing. Will the node be included again in future release or are the features caputered in some other node I am just overlooking at the time?

Hi @Konrad19,

thanks for asking about this. Possibly something didn’t go quite right with the latest update (on the development/publishing side). We will look into this and update you.

Kind regards


Hello Konrad,

the functionality of the “Event Log Visualizion” moved to the “XES/MXML/… Reader” node output port.

To access it right click, for example, on the XES Reader node
, scroll down to the menu point “Event Log”,
and click on it.

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