Product Prediction

Hey KNIME team,

I will be grateful if somebody can guide me through this prediction.
So far I have shown the average sales in different years, segment and category…etc.
Now I am trying to predict the sales for “next year” and for product x how many should we buy/oder in the next big order/ next Quarter.

Sorry for not attaching the workflow due to the file size but this is a screenshot.

I got the data from Kaggle:

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @ppeng,
Unfortunately, I do not think we will be able to assist you with a full solution here. Time series forecasting is an art and takes some fine-tuning to get right. I can recommend this book to get started. Things you need to account for are, among others, trend and seasonality in the data, as well as the selection of features you can use.
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@ppeng in addition to what @AlexanderFillbrunn has mentioned I have collected these hints about KNIME and time series:

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