Production and development set-up knime server.

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Hopefully this is the right place to ask about how development and production is best managed on KNIME (SERVER).

We started to use KNIME to set-up a ETL pipeline and now plan to deploy V1.

Where I got a potential issue is the manner how the “components” seems organized.
Or if there is alternative structure I should use to get the following issue fixed I am happy to hear this

My example:

Assume this is my map structure

I developed the following workflow, which should be called multiple times as a seperate workflow ( or maybe component) depending on the client/instance it is run for.

In the workflow I have a component (in practise I have over 30 which makes it a issue) that is available on the server (the example is local). Using this I can make a single adjustment to this component to make sure all the workflows that are called are updated.

This works well in development mode. However, as I would like to deploy this I got into the situation that the path is linked to the 0_DEVELOPMENT calculation path. This implies that I should first copy the example into production and then unlink all the components and then create a new link to the 1_PRODUCTION folder to not mix my development and production.

the manual steps takes alot of time and is sensitive to errors. Therefore:

Is there s simpele alternative in which I can work on a development version and directly deploy all the work of the delpotment version at once on the Knime server? Taking into account that i work with components that are called by multiple workflows of the same instance as outline above.

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Hi Tom,
When you develop your workflow and the components locally, you can put the workflow into workflow group and then, when sharing the components, put them into the same workflow group and select to create a workflow relative link. You can then deploy the whole workflow group with workflows and components to the server into development and when you move it to production, all the links should point to the components in the production group.
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Hi Alexander,

Thank you I believe we managed to get it done!

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