Production Planning

Hello dears,

I’m evaluating the possibility to use Knime for production’s planning. Have someone of you used Knime for this? Could be Knime useful?

Thank you

Maybe @haystack has some ideas for you? He posted in the other thread you already found, and apart from that I’m not aware of anyone else using KNIME for this purpose.

But also, maybe you could provide some additional specifics about your use case that would spur some creativity. Maybe even a sample dataset?


I can share a couple of workflows that the team at KNIME shared with me that may help you get started on production planning in KNIME.

Let me know the best way to get these to you.

From Cynthia Padilla, I got the following:

I found this one in the Hub. It is a Data App but you can run each component in the Analytics Platform. I also found this workflow written by Alexander from our SE team. It calculates the cover for an inventory. For each week, there is an end inventory and consumption; it calculates the number of weeks the end inventory will last. We also have this nice story/use case with Z5


Awesome workflows! Thank you for sharing! :slightly_smiling_face:



Absolutely, @lelloba! Glad they were helpful, and thanks to Cynthia for sharing them with me.

Hello @Haystack , thank you very much :slight_smile: Could I give you my email?

Hi @MattePOGGESI, these are the workflows I could find. There may be others on the hub. I hope these will help you get started on using KNIME for production planning!

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In order to plan a more or less large-scale production, it is necessary to have a tool for solving a system of linear equations. Is there one in knime? I doubt. Is someone ready to make a node Solve Systems of Linear Equations?

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