Production Workflow Support


Considering I am having some good responses for my previous posts, I would like to ask some less trivial questions.

I would like to be able to use my workflow in a production environment.  How does one go about hosting it on a server as a workflow web service?  Is there any type of Tomcat server built into KNIME to do this or do I need to actually extract the workflow out of KNIME and use the KNIME SDK and build it myself?



This is exactly the point where the KNIME server infrastructure comes into play. The KNIME Server is designed to host a central repository of workflows and reporting workflows that can be executed and scheduled on the server. Even access through the so called KNIME WebPortal is possible making all workflows and reports accessible also for the non-KNIME user exposing only the important parameters to the end-user. The KNIME Server also offers an API to access and run workflows via web services (SOA) that can be integrated into in-house applications. For further details contact us directly or check out our website at