Programming (java snippet) with Bitvectors/Bitstrings?



Does any functionality currently exist for using Bitstrings/Bitvectors in Java Snippets?  I currently find it somewhat...  odd, that you have to first create a String of binary numbers and then use the Bitvector Generator node to create the actual bitvector.


I ask because basically I'm trying to generate my own fingerprint.  Seeing as Java itself supports Bitstrings, I don't see why the snippets do not allow their handling directly.



Hi Ed

I'm still on 2.9 but it doesn't appear that the BitVectorCell types are known to the node. I would also appreciate such functionality. 

On a related note: Is there an extension point for adding custom cell types to the Java snippet? I've created a number of BitSet nodes but whenever I use a Java snippet to operate on the BitSet I have to use the toString() and a fromString(String bitset) method :(. 





Hi all:

Type support by means of an extension point is on the list (indirectly sponsored by a company ... so chances are good this will be implemented soon).

So far the only workaround is to go via string representations or int arrays etc.



Wiswedel - so basically (via swebb's point), Bitstrings will technically be supported in Java Snippets (along technically with other data types, hopefully including the molecule cell types)?





Out of interest, has this been fixed?  I have not observed any said functionality in KNIME 2.11.