Promote Row 1 as column headers

Does this node exist or is it in development? I use a few nodes to achieve this quite a bit and would be really useful to have.


I’d suggest having a look at these ones. Both don’t quite work as you suggest, but they allow to set column names dynamically from a second input table:

– Philipp

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Thanks for that, those are the route I’ve been taking, but it seems a bit counterproductive. I use the Table Creator quite a bit and would be nice if the feature was built into there or a separate node.

Ah, and in that case … :slight_smile: Did you know that you can double click the table headers in the Table Creator and then enter a title?


– Philipp

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Yes, but to do this on many columns is a tedious task

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I definitely agree, that these double clicks are quite fiddly. Looking forward if there are better suggestions!


Hi @KunalB86, @qqilihq

Will this wf help row_1_to_header.knwf (16.9 KB) ? I used a Transpose node and then changed the first column to a new RowID. When Transposing the table again, the new RowID becomes the column names.
gr. Hans


That’s a pretty cool solution, one less node than my method. Though a 1 Node solution would be ideal. Thanks for all your help today @HansS

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Hi there,

here is same topic discussed and @dnaki created component that does exactly that. Take a look.

Will check about “one node solution” and get back.

EDIT: For the time being having Component will be just as one node solution :smiley:



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