Proposed improvement to DialogComponentColumnNameSelection


Could you improve in the next version of DialogComponentColumnNameSelection to support database connections (and maybe other porttypes having DataTableSpecs).

The proposed change would be something similar:

Creating a method like this:

private static DataTableSpec getTableSpec(final PortObjectSpec lastTableSpec) {
  final DataTableSpec spec = lastTableSpec instanceof DataTableSpec ? (DataTableSpec) lastTableSpec
  : lastTableSpec instanceof DatabasePortObjectSpec ? ((DatabasePortObjectSpec) lastTableSpec).getDataTableSpec() : null;

  return spec; }

or if you have an interface (for example HasDataTable) to access the inner DataTableSpecs:

    private static <T extends PortObjectSpec & HasDataTable> DataTableSpec getTableSpec(final PortObjectSpec lastTableSpec) {
        final DataTableSpec spec = lastTableSpec.getDataTableSpec();
        return spec;

And change checkConfigurabilityBeforeLoad to use

spec = getTableSpec(getLastTableSpec(m_specIndex));

instead of

spec = (DataTableSpec)specs[m_specIndex];

And also change updateComponent's

final DataTableSpec spec =


final DataTableSpec spec = getTableSpec(getLastTableSpec(m_specIndex));

Thanks, gabor