Protecting nodes / flows against reset

Dear KNIMErs,

As I'm waiting for a calcualtion-intensive looped workflow to finish, I am wonderting whether there could be a way to either protect nodes / workflows against reset, or to make it at least undoable. I did reset / change more or less calculation-heavy flows in the past by accident, but nothing in the >30 minutes category. Now that some of my workflows play in the >90 minutes league, I'd really like to avoid accidents like this.



Actually, a follow-up idea to this: Copy & paste in executed state would be nice. Especially for these valuable results obtained in unsuitably configured metanodes. Or a (non-resetting) metanode re-configuration dialogue.

As you can see, I'm quite peculiar about keeping my results safe, especially when it comes to randomised experiments. :-)


> Copy & paste in executed state would be nice

+1 Indeed this would be fantastic. It would also dramatically ease the use one workflow's results as input of another one.


These are all useful features. Copy&Paste in executed state is not that trivial to do. The tables in KNIME are often complex nested (referencing data from a predecessor nodes or -- and that would become very tricky -- blob handling, where large cell objects are linked to the nodes that produced them). One way that we are currently exploring is the implementation of a workspace global drop location, where you can archive your computed results.