provide access to group folders using AAD Groups

Hello KNIMEers,

I hope you can provide me with some help regarding the KNIME server one ID authentication.
We have configured AAD groups for general user access as well as for the admins and consumers.
In addition we would like to secure Groups within KNIME also using AAD Groups.
I do know setting the permissions and allocating users to a group manually, however we would like to have this automated.

We have a Group structure.

-Supply Chain

All users are automatically assigned to the HQ
We have an AAD Group: AAD-YY-XX-Sales, AAD-YY-XX-Marketing, AAD-YY-XX-SupplyChain…

We want that all users which are assigned to AAD-YY-XX-Sales are automatically assigned to the corresponding group in KNIME. Is there a possibility of doing so? Or do we need to set up all groups and allocating all users manually. Which again is a problem because the user first needs to log on before he is available in KNIME.
From a support process this would be not so optimal:

  1. Request access to KNIME and a specific group.
  2. User is added to AAD Group
  3. User logs on
  4. User logs off
  5. Support team (admin) allocates user to requested user group.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Hi @MatthiasL ,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently the best way we can recommend doing this is with group mappings claims for AAD. This will allow you to manage your users from AAD, and when they log into the Server they will be assigned the roles set in AAD, and you can also set these permissions on folders and workflows.