Providing Time/Date at which certain Node was executed as a flow variable?

I am looking for an elegant way to use the date/time a certain node was executed as a flow variable for further use.

In my example I want to catch the date on which “Database Reader” Node was executed, so that the date can be used at a later point eg. to automatically generate a file name. This only works, when both the database reader and database connector are reset before the workflow - or parts of it.- is restarted.

Currently I use the following combination of nodes:

Is there any other way this can be accomplished in a more elegant manner?
This would be a nice feature to be added in future: providing the execution time of a node as a flow variable.

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Hi Erik!

For this I would use use Date&Time Input node with option Use execution time checked. It outputs execution Date or Time or Date&Time (with zone) as a flow variable depended on your choice :wink:

I agree with you. It could be very useful to have this kind of information as a flow variable in a node. I will forward it and get back to you. Tnx!



You could surround the node with a Benchmark Start/Benchmark end from the Vernalis plugin - that will give you the loop start and end time (by default only a single iteration), including the start time:

Overall Start Time Fri Feb 08 11:39:00 GMT 2019


Overall End Time Fri Feb 08 11:45:17 GMT 2019



Hi there!

To get back on this idea of providing the execution time of a node as a flow variable. As I still think there is something in this idea and could be useful in certain use cases it is true that for big workflows with hundred of nodes would create a pretty big mess and a lot of unnecessary flow variables so no further action on this one.

Tnx for engaging.

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