Proxy definition doesn't work for Geospatial nodes that should access service providers

we try to execute Geospatial nodes that should access service providers in the web, like OSM Boundary Map or Geocoding. According to our policy we cannot reach these addresses without defining a proxy server.
But is seems that in all the ways we tried to define the proxy server, these nodes don’t use it.
We tried to define it in KNIME Preferences - Network Connection Manual / Native / Direct, we tried defining it in knime.ini, and we tried defining it in Windows environment variables.
Is there a known issue with it? Is there something else we are supposed to do?

@DrorMirzayof It seems that currently for systems that are behind proxy/firewall you might have to take these steps. Basically creating a separate installation, collecting the necessary python packages and then transferring them by hand to the target system.

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this is not my issue, I am not talking about python packages.
I am talking about execution of Geospatial extension nodes, that try to access sites as
The proxy is not a blocker but the opposite, it is necessary for accessing the internet from our server, and for some reason Geospatial nodes ignore the proxy and try to access the internet directly, and therefore they fail. Accessing the same address from the same server other ways (not by KNIME) go through the proxy and succeed.

Hello @DrorMirzayof ,
thanks for reporting this problem. We will look into if we can use the Proxy information from KNIME in the Geospatial extension as well (internal number (AP-20960).
One question does you proxy require authentication e.g. username and password?


Thanks @tobias.koetter!
Our proxy doesn’t require authentication.

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