Proxy Settings: How to add manual custom entries? How does the option "native" work?

Hi community,

I am using Knime Platform on a local windows machine within a secured network.
To get data from external systems, we have to go through dedicated proxy.

Now we have the issue, that the proxy configuration is always windows user-based. Every user has the make the proxy configuration on its own.
We need a solution to set the prox settings globally for all users on that machine, which are all using the same Knime Workspace.

Maybe that does not sound complicated, but let me show you what the issue is with that configuration.
This is how we can establish the connection through the proxy successfully:
Preferences -> Network Connections -> Active Provider = “native”
(now the proxy settings are filled by the IE Lan Settings, which are user-specific)

Native always pulls the settings from IE Lan Settings, also if we apply Global Proxy settings for all windows users:

Now I have two questions:

  • Is there somewhere a configuration to tell Knime, that it should use the global proxy settings, instead of pulling it from IE?

  • How can I manually add proxy entries? In the knime ui, I only can configure the existing entries for Http, https and socks. But how can I add FTP and GOPHER?

Best Regards,

Hi Dominik,

KNIME uses the Eclipse and Java standard proxy functionalities. Per default the Active Provider “Native” is activated and that will use the Java proxy settings.

These are per default the browser proxy settings. These can be changed via the Java Control panel for all Java based applications on the computer:

Within the Network settings of the Java Control Panel you can configure that a proxy auto config (PAC) script is used.

The other way to get the global proxy setting would be the usage of the “manual” Active Provider and fill in all needed configurations.

If you are a KNIME Server user these settings could also be stored on the Server and each Client (Analytics Platform) gets the settings on startup via Server Managed Customizations.

On the missing GOPHER and FTP settings: Do you need these settings in a KNIME context?



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