Public KNIME Webportal

Hello Community,

I would like to execute a DataApp in KNIME Webportal - Is there something similar like a public KNIME webportal, where I can interact in the browser?

Thank you very much!

Hi @Robinvm -

Can I ask for more specifics about what you’re wanting to do here? Are you wanting to demo the features because you’re looking to purchase a KNIME server yourself, or are planning to demo the features for others as a KNIME partner… or something else?

We have different options depending on your need.

Hi @ScottF,

thank you for your response!

I just would like to practise my KNIME Server Skills and publish Data apps and I thought/hoped that maybe KNIME offers something similar like Tableau public but only for apps!

We have workflow execution coming to the Community Hub soon… keep an eye out for that announcement :slight_smile:

Also, if you are enrolled in our free L3 productionization course, we offer ways to practice deployment and such. More info here:


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