Publish to Tableau server--- Append option

Hi All,
I want to know if there is any way to append the new data to the data source which is published by Send to server (Tableau)node in knime.
I know there is an overwrite option but when we think of having the data of like 6- 12 months, overwriting it is a time-consuming process. So please let me know if there is a way to append the new data to the existing data source instead of overwriting it. Thank you!

Hi @Srikanth3 -

Right now appending is not supported. However, we are going to be reworking the Tableau nodes in the future to support the .hyper format, among other things. I will add your idea as a +1 feature request for the developers.


Hi @ScottF -
Thank you for the quick response. Would love if that option is added in the future.
I have another question. Can we read QVD files in knime? Please answer

Currently we don’t have support for QVD files in KNIME.

Can we expect to that feature in future releases?? Thank you

I can’t promise anything, but I can add a ticket as a requested feature!

Thank you so much!

Hi @Srikanth3 -

Quick update to you let you know that appending Tableau data will be supported in KNIME Analytics Platform 3.7. :slight_smile:

Thanks Scotte that is great news !!