Pubmed data using PMID


I have a list of PMID and I want to get Pubmed data that match those PMID. I would like to know the Work flow that can be used.
Please explain me at grassroot level since I am new to this.

Thanks and regards

Install the Vernalis knime extension (File -> Install Knime extensions). Then, in your node repository, you will have a European PubMed Central Advanced Search node. When you drag this node to your workflow and open its configuration window, you can enter the PMID in the “General Query” box like, for example, this: EXT_ID:27214281. You will get a table with an XML column that contains information on the publications it found. You can extract the information with the XPath node.

Thank you Aswin.

I would like to know the process to get the pubmed details for a list of PMIDs I have(about 5000 PMID).