PubMed Literature Search

This workflow is a small web application for searching publications in PubMed in a certain date range. The consumer can simply enter a query and the date range and the matching publication titles and authors will be fetched from PubMed. In a second view the consumer can select if they want to inspect the publication by search for an author or search by year/month. If search for an author is selected the consumer can use the autocomplete input to enter possible author names and all publications contain this name are shown. If search by year/month is selected, the consumer gets first an overview of the publications per year and can then select a certain year. The following view shows then the distribution of publication per month for the selected year.

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I am getting an error when importing this workflow. Can anyone help, please?

Are there any newer PubMed components that work well?


Hi @Dan7 and welcome to the forum.

Can you be a bit more specific about what is happening? You mention that you have an error importing the workflow, but your screenshot shows a problem uploading the workflow back to the KNIME Hub.

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