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Is there a way to pull address of an establishment from Google?
My workflow has the name of a company/establishment and wanted to know if there was a way for KNIME to search google for that company name and get the address corresponding to that establishment?

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Here is a workflow that I threw together quickly and uploaded to the Hub. It uses our new Webpage Retriever node to build a Google query, then parse the address from that query. Right now it’s set up to take user input one establishment at a time, but it would be easy to do a batch request too:


There’s probably a more elegant way to do this, but maybe it gets you started.

EDIT: I should add that this prototype workflow only works for locations that return a single address. If the query returns multiple addresses (for, say, a bunch of franchises in a particular city) you will need to modify the Xpath query to catch those.


Got it thanks. But it looks like all these features are on KNIME 4.1 I am on 3.7 and when I click on check for update under the File tab, KNIME says that no updates were found. is there a way to update my existing KNIME tool to 4.1 ?

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If you’re coming from 3.7, it’s best to do a fresh install. There are a lot of big changes that happened underneath the hood in the 4.0 release, and we don’t recommend an upgrade there.

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will extensions and plugins I had used in 3.7 transfer over to 4.1?

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No, you’ll need to reinstall extensions. Fortunately, when you open up one of your old workflows, you’ll be prompted to install any extensions that may be required, so (hopefully) it should be pretty painless.


Followup question, does this workflow get blocked while using a work network or VPN? I am running this a home and it works fine but when I connect to work network or VPN it says connection refused.

Sounds like you might need to configure something on your work network. Possibly a proxy? All the workflow is doing is sending a HTTP request to Google.

I loving this feature! It would be nice to not have to restart KNIME Analytics after the extensions install but it isn’t the worst problem to have. The prompting feature overall is a very user friendly capability.

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I wonder, is it possible that @Adiwakar’s work is decrypting SSL traffic, inspecting it, then re-encrypting before forwarding to Google? This is a pretty common practice for companies.

If this is happening, it could be breaking the certificate trust. Java apps can be very picky about broken certificate chains.


Hi All,

Google has an API both for Maps as well as for Search which can accomplish this. It is a paid service, but it keeps with their terms of service. I just finished building a workflow with similar goals, and this was the best practice. It can be accomplished with other providers as well. The upside to the API, too, is that it will return nicely formatted JSON responses which are easy to parse.

The warning is also that Google will ban you for scraping the data. So, be careful!!

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