Pulling a polynomial regression model out of a polynomial regression learner node.

I have used the polynomial regression learner mode to create a very accurate 4th degree predictive model for my task at hand. I have tried to move all the coefficients into excel and replicate the results and it seems no matter what I try it seem to be no where close. Is there a way to simply see the actual model algorithm that KNIME created. Sorry if this is a basic question, I am a fairly new user.


edit: if you already have the rules from the table you might want to check if you split you data into test and training. If you checked the results just on the training data they might well overfit

Have you tried and extract the model into a SQL code?

Maybe not the most elegant way but you are able to read the rules:

using this example:

And this node:


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So you exported the coefficients into Excel from a learner node and tried to replicate results. What results? From a predictor node?


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