Pycaret Library Note working. Suspected multithread issue.

Hi Knime Team,

I have been playing around with pycaret (PyCaret — pycaret 2.2.0 documentation) and Knime. I have come across an issue when using the create_model and compare_model api’s. The issue appears to be knime related as they are working in a jupyter notebook.

Further more the issue appears to be related to the n_jobs parameter set in the setup() api.

n_jobs: int, default = -1
The number of jobs to run in parallel (for functions that supports parallel processing) -1 means using all processors. To run all functions on single processor set n_jobs to None.

When set to -1 or greater than 1 the api’s fail. When set to 1 the apis work however this is not ideal as there is a significant performance impact.

I have attached example errors raised and a workflow to demonstrate the problem further.

Any help with this one would be greatly appreciated. Knime is an awesome tool and will be even better with pycaret!

pycaret_error.knwf (14.1 KB)

Hi @ajc,

it works fine for me …

This points to differences in the Python installation. I have installed conda 4.9.2 and Python 3.6.13 and pycaret 2.3.0.

Best regards


Thanks for checking on this Andrew.

It seems it is a python version issue. I was using python 3.8.5. A quick test using python 3.6.13 proved successful.

Thanks again


Andrew, just stumbled across your post. We should catch up, Im keen to know how you have progressed. My number is 0424 993 413. Cheers, Ben. Forest Grove.