Python and Miniconda

I am a knime user. I have got a new pc, more powerful. I plan to install version 5.1 of KNIME. Before doing so, should I first install python 2 and 3 as well as Miniconda then install KNIME? Or does the KNIME 5.1 python integration does this automatically. For previous versions, I had to do these installs first. Please confirm, thanks.

Python comes with a bundled environment in 5.1. No need to do anything if and only if you are happy with the bundled environment. If not, have a look at this section. For previous versions, it was not necessary to do these installs first. Same with 5.1. You can do it whenever you see fit.

But in general, have a look at the installation guide please.

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Great, thanks a lot Steffen for providing the much-needed clarification - much appreciated.

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