Python based Extension deployment testing

Hi KNIME team

We are interested in developing custom Python based Node extensions but would like to verify that we can successfully deploy them to all the different types of machine we have.
Could you point us to an Extension developed using Python (KNIME/Labs or a freely available 3rd party one) so we can test deploying it on our machines.


Hi Patrick,

an available extension for 4.6 is on HUB the experimental Apprise extension (Apprise Nodes – KNIME Hub), and for the nightly version of KNIME Analytics Platform you could use the experimental update site and install the My First Extension.

Does this answer your question? Don’t hesitate to ask further questions!

Best regards


Hi Steffen

Thanks for the two links to existing Python-based Extensions.
We were able to deploy both of them to our machines.
That’s all I need for now. :slight_smile:


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