Python, Change all column values

Hi Yas,

Using the Python Script, I have a table with two columns…A and B for example coming from one
input table, and a value coming in from another input table lets call C.

I want to take the value value C and replace all the values in column B for all the rows…

New to this so any help would be great :slight_smile:

Hi @Gimli ,

I’m assuming from your description that the second input table has a single row consisting of the single column containing the required value and that column B for all rows on table 1 will be replaced with the same value. Therefore there is no “joining” with the second table based on keys or any additional complication like that.

With that assumption in mind, the following does what I think you are describing:

That isn’t the most compact or best piece of python ever written, and in theory but hopefully demonstrates an approach :wink:

Python table update.knwf (59.8 KB)


Thanks so much was a big help!

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