Python/Conda issue

For some reason my condo environment broke (running KNIME 4.0.1 from the Schrodinger 2019-4 distribution; RedHat Linux). Eventually I decided to do a fresh install of Anaconda3, but I’m getting the same error message when trying to configure Conda/Python in the preferences window: “Failed to execute Conda:…” (see attachment).

Does anyone have some thoughts on how to resolve this?



Hi Natasja,

Looks like your conda is broken. This GitHub Issue suggests that this could happen when updating conda.
For the fresh install of Anaconda3:

  • What version did you install?
  • Did you run conda update --all after the install?
  • Did you delete the old installation completely? (Like suggested in this forum post)



So I did another fresh install, this time after removing the various directories rather than telling Anaconda to overwrite the exiting one. I recreated the py36_knime environment, and am getting different errors now.

Screenshots of the different error messages are pasted in, both for using the Anaconda way of getting python to work and via the .sh script. This is all very puzzling because from the command line I can see python is installed in the condo environment (3.7.6).


You could read this short list of Python settings outside KNIME without the keras/deep learning stuff. To make sure your Python installation does run properly.

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Thanks for these detailed steps, they’re a bit different than the recipe from the KNIME site, which is what I’ve successfully used before and for some mysterious reason is now broken. I went through your steps and everything “checks out”. Trying to configure python in KNIME I’m now getting the original error again: failed to execute Conda … from conda.cli import main … no module named conda…

It is difficult to tell what is going on. You could try and check several things.

BTW: what operating system are you using

conda info --envs
conda info

Then what happens if you opt to set the path to the python environment manually?

And have you tried to set up a new environment


From my general experience, none of this will make a big difference. The best way when I was experiencing troubles with Python was to delete everything a do a new installation with Anaconda (like you maybe already did).