Python error: An error occured during training of the Keras deep learning network

I have tried multiple times to fix this by reading this forum and other sources, but i still cannot fix it.

Note: when running “conda list -n py36knime” it shows i have keras ver=2.2.4 and python ver =3.6.7

These are the logs:

WARN PythonKernel Using TensorFlow backend.
WARN PythonKernel 2018-11-27 22:18:56.655058: I tensorflow/core/platform/] Your CPU supports instructions that this TensorFlow binary was not compiled to use: SSE4.1 SSE4.2 AVX AVX2 FMA
WARN PythonKernel 2018-11-27 22:18:56.655488: I tensorflow/core/common_runtime/] Creating new thread pool with default inter op setting: 12. Tune using inter_op_parallelism_threads for best performance.
WARN PythonKernel /anaconda3/envs/py36knime/lib/python3.6/site-packages/keras/engine/ UserWarning: No training configuration found in save file: the model was not compiled. Compile it manually.
WARN PythonKernel warnings.warn(‘No training configuration found in save file: ’
WARN PythonKernel /anaconda3/envs/py36knime/lib/python3.6/site-packages/keras/engine/ UserWarning: Sequential.model is deprecated. Sequential is a subclass of Model, you can just use your Sequential instance directly.
WARN PythonKernel warnings.warn(’Sequential.model is deprecated. ’
WARN PythonKernel OMP: Error #15: Initializing libiomp5.dylib, but found libiomp5.dylib already initialized.
WARN PythonKernel OMP: Hint: This means that multiple copies of the OpenMP runtime have been linked into the program. That is dangerous, since it can degrade performance or cause incorrect results. The best thing to do is to ensure that only a single OpenMP runtime is linked into the process, e.g. by avoiding static linking of the OpenMP runtime in any library. As an unsafe, unsupported, undocumented workaround you can set the environment variable KMP_DUPLICATE_LIB_OK=TRUE to allow the program to continue to execute, but that may cause crashes or silently produce incorrect results. For more information, please see
ERROR Keras Network Learner 0:16 java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: java.lang.Exception: Failed to receive message from Python or forward received message.
ERROR Keras Network Learner 0:16 Execute failed: An error occured during training of the Keras deep learning network. See log for details.

Need help desperately :frowning:

Hi @laurentiu81,
Can you post a complete list of your conda environment? It could help to know the versions of other libraries installed.

In general, we recommend running Keras 2.1.6 and TensorFlow 1.8.0 right now because that is tested on our side. So if you are able to downgrade that will most likely fix your issue.


Name Version Build Channel

_tflow_select 2.3.0 mkl
absl-py 0.6.1 py36_0
appnope 0.1.0 py36hf537a9a_0
astor 0.7.1 py36_0
backcall 0.1.0 py36_0
blas 1.0 mkl
bleach 3.0.2 py36_0
c-ares 1.15.0 h1de35cc_1
ca-certificates 2018.03.07 0
certifi 2018.10.15 py36_0
cycler 0.10.0 py36hfc81398_0
dbus 1.13.2 h760590f_1
decorator 4.3.0 py36_0
entrypoints 0.2.3 py36_2
expat 2.2.6 h0a44026_0
fastcache 1.0.2 py36h1de35cc_2
freetype 2.9.1 hb4e5f40_0
gast 0.2.0 py36_0
gettext h15daf44_3
glib 2.56.2 hd9629dc_0
gmp 6.1.2 hb37e062_1
gmpy2 2.0.8 py36h6ef4df4_2
grpcio 1.16.1 py36h044775b_1
h5py 2.8.0 py36h878fce3_3
hdf5 1.10.2 hfa1e0ec_1
icu 58.2 h4b95b61_1
intel-openmp 2019.1 144
ipykernel 5.1.0 py36h39e3cac_0
ipython 7.1.1 py36h39e3cac_0
ipython_genutils 0.2.0 py36h241746c_0
ipywidgets 7.4.2 py36_0
jedi 0.13.1 py36_0
jinja2 2.10 py36_0
jpeg 9b he5867d9_2
jsonschema 2.6.0 py36hb385e00_0
jupyter 1.0.0 py36_7
jupyter_client 5.2.3 py36_0
jupyter_console 6.0.0 py36_0
jupyter_core 4.4.0 py36_0
keras 2.1.6 py36_0
keras-applications 1.0.6 py36_0
keras-preprocessing 1.0.5 py36_0
kiwisolver 1.0.1 py36h0a44026_0
libcxx 4.0.1 hcfea43d_1
libcxxabi 4.0.1 hcfea43d_1
libedit 3.1.20170329 hb402a30_2
libffi 3.2.1 h475c297_4
libgfortran 3.0.1 h93005f0_2
libiconv 1.15 hdd342a3_7
libpng 1.6.35 ha441bb4_0
libprotobuf 3.6.1 hd9629dc_0
libsodium 1.0.16 h3efe00b_0
markdown 3.0.1 py36_0
markupsafe 1.1.0 py36h1de35cc_0
matplotlib 3.0.1 py36h54f8f79_0
mistune 0.8.4 py36h1de35cc_0
mkl 2018.0.3 1
mkl_fft 1.0.6 py36hb8a8100_0
mkl_random 1.0.1 py36h5d10147_1
mpc 1.1.0 h6ef4df4_1
mpfr 4.0.1 h3018a27_3
mpmath 1.0.0 py36_2
nbconvert 5.3.1 py36_0
nbformat 4.4.0 py36h827af21_0
ncurses 6.1 h0a44026_0
nose 1.3.7 py36_2
notebook 5.7.2 py36_0
numpy 1.15.4 py36h6a91979_0
numpy-base 1.15.4 py36h8a80b8c_0
openssl 1.1.1a h1de35cc_0
pandas 0.23.4 py36h6440ff4_0
pandoc 0
pandocfilters 1.4.2 py36_1
parso 0.3.1 py36_0
pcre 8.42 h378b8a2_0
pexpect 4.6.0 py36_0
pickleshare 0.7.5 py36_0
pip 18.1 py36_0
prometheus_client 0.4.2 py36_0
prompt_toolkit 2.0.7 py36_0
protobuf 3.6.1 py36h0a44026_0
ptyprocess 0.6.0 py36_0
pygments 2.2.0 py36h240cd3f_0
pyparsing 2.3.0 py36_0
pyqt 5.9.2 py36h655552a_2
python 3.6.7 haf84260_0
python-dateutil 2.7.5 py36_0
pytz 2018.7 py36_0
pyyaml 3.13 py36h1de35cc_0
pyzmq 17.1.2 py36h1de35cc_0
qt 5.9.6 h45cd832_2
qtconsole 4.4.2 py36_0
readline 7.0 h1de35cc_5
scipy 1.1.0 py36h28f7352_1
send2trash 1.5.0 py36_0
setuptools 40.6.2 py36_0
sip 4.19.8 py36h0a44026_0
six 1.11.0 py36_1
sqlite 3.25.3 ha441bb4_0
sympy 1.3 py36_0
tensorboard 1.12.0 py36hdc36e2c_0
tensorflow 1.12.0 mkl_py36h2b2bbaf_0
tensorflow-base 1.12.0 mkl_py36h70e0e9a_0
termcolor 1.1.0 py36_1
terminado 0.8.1 py36_1
testpath 0.4.2 py36_0
tk 8.6.8 ha441bb4_0
tornado 5.1.1 py36h1de35cc_0
traitlets 4.3.2 py36h65bd3ce_0
wcwidth 0.1.7 py36h8c6ec74_0
webencodings 0.5.1 py36_1
werkzeug 0.14.1 py36_0
wheel 0.32.3 py36_0
widgetsnbextension 3.4.2 py36_0
xz 5.2.4 h1de35cc_4
yaml 0.1.7 hc338f04_2
zeromq 4.2.5 h0a44026_1
zlib 1.2.11 h1de35cc_3

I downgraded keras to 2.1.6 but the error is persisting.