Python- How to loop over columns in using Python integration


I know how to iterate over rows in a python script, but I would like to iterate addtionally over columns. Is there a syntax for this?

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Hi Marc,

if I understand you correctly then this is what you are looking for:

for column_name in input_table:
    column = input_table[column_name]



Hi Parick,

thanks, I actually just figured it out myself. Sometime I make my life unnecessarily complicated...




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Hi Patrick,

I need to loop over the columns and compare the columns and if the result is positive, I have to create a new column with the right id.

Till now I´m using 6 rule engine nodes, but I believe I can improve my workflow.

1º rule

$ColumnValues$ = $id$ AND $Posicao$ <=4 AND $Posicao(-1)$ < 1 => $ColumnValues$

output column = FT

2º rule

$Posicao$ =5 AND $Posicao(-1)$ < 5 => $ColumnValues$

output column = TL

3º rule

$Posicao$ =6 AND $Posicao(-1)$ < 6 => $ColumnValues$

output colum = M

and so on…


Hi there @wpaiva,

I guess you would like to do this in Python and you encountered a problem or?

Additionally you can replace all 6 Rule Engine nodes with one Column Expressions node :wink:


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Column Expressions node however is extremely slow (unless with KNIME 4 that has been improved a lot).


Hi there @beginner ,

Although it is slower compared to Rule Engine node I haven’t experienced extreme slowness with Column Expressions node :slight_smile: On the other side it does offers calculations and possibility to implement more complex logic.

Did you maybe test speed execution it and can share your result to check it out?


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I tested the node back when it released and yeah what it offers is great but the speed trade-off I had in that specific use-case which I don’t remember was not worth it to me. I’m also not talking about that many rows, 100ks to millions. Still being 10x faster will be noticeable with 1 mio rows.


Thank you all!

I´m using the Rule engine node perfectly.

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Just to drop info that Column Expressions got speedup with 4.2.1. See here: Column Expression Speedup with 4.2.1