Python in 3.4 - Serialization Library


In the new Python 2 & 3 preferences panel, there is a 'Serialization Library' dropdown blank by default in the Python 3 section - is this critical, and what Python (or other?) packages are needed to be installed for this option?

I though it might be protobuf or similar, but no success so far. 



In my installation of KNIME this offers a choice of CSV (Experimental) or Flatbuffers Column Serialization.

As far as I know the only package that needs to be installed beyond the default Python 3.x installation is pandas. At least, I set up a new conda environment to use with KNIME scripting, specifying only python and pandas, and it works.

There is a separate forum for the KNIME Labs scripting additions, by the way, but I don't think it gets much attention...

Hi Andrew,

like Tome Hawkins pointed out correctly, there should be two choices available: CSV (Experimental) or Flatbuffers Column Serialization. The eclipse plug-ins containing those serialization libraries should be installed alongside the nodes when you install the "KNIME Python Integration (Labs, supports Python 2 & 3) " KNIME plug-in. The absence of those options in your KNIME installation is not related to any missing python module.

In order to narrow your problem down further, could you please check Help -> Installation Details -> Plug-ins, type "python" in the search field and see if the plugins named KNIME Python Serialization (Labs) - CSV and  KNIME Python Serialization (Labs) - Flatbuffers are available ? And would you mind telling me which operating system you use ?




Hi Tom and Clemens, 

Thank you for your help and responses. 

I'd assumed somehwat incorrectly from the 3.4 release notes that Python 3 was included in the KNIME base, not from Labs - but it turns out that allthough the preferences panel shows  2 and 3, the extensions Clemens referred to were not installed. The system was Mac OSX 10.11.6, upgraded KNIME to 3.4 from 3.0, which had the old Python nodes installed, and perhaps this led to the conufsion too. 

After discovering then I hadn't actually installed 'KNIME Python Integration (Labs, supports Python 2 & 3)', doing fixed the missing options. Thanks for your help. 





Hey Andrew,

I am glad to hear that you got everything running and that I could be of help. Sorry for the confusion in the beginning.