Python in knime

Hi everybody,

I want to use python in knime but I can’t find any tutorials to learn them as the tutorials to learn to use knime nodes itself… all tutorials about loading jupyter notebook.
would u please share with me any links for tutorials about this subject.

thanks in advance,

Hi @Mai_Nashaat,

did you check KNIME Python Integration Guide or How to Set Up the Python Extension | KNIME?




Yes but I can’t find what I need.
what I need to do is getting an excel sheet from sharepoint do reshaping and cleaning to it then upload it again to sharepoint.
I’ve already made a workflow to do that but using python will be much easier and my manager wants me to use python and knime.

@Mai_Nashaat KNIME should have all the components you need. It might take some work to bring them all together.

For starters KNIME can connect to Microsoft SharePoint, and you also might want to consult the File Handling Guide.

Then concerning python @christian.dietz already has mentioned important guides, I would like to add this collection with some more examples

And then since you want to manipulate and change thing within (?) an Excel file you most likely will need OpenPyxl in Python. There are also some examples about that.


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