Python kernel won't start

I'm seeing intermittent infrequent errors "Execute failed: Could not start python kernel. Cause: The connection attempt timed out".

This seems to be a problem with any of the Knime Python scripting nodes.

I put "-Dknime.python.connecttimeout=5000" into knime.ini, but still see the problem.

Does it matter where within knime.ini this line is located?

Re-executing the node usually works, but this can become a problem when the node is inside a long loop.


Can you try to increase the timeout to 30000? 




like Christian mentioned increasing the timeout to 30000 would be a good idea, since the standard timeout is 10000.

If the problems still occur, could you please provide more information about your use case ? An example workflow would be great. Furthermore, it would be important to know, which operating system you are using and whether you use several python nodes in parallel.




Since setting the timeout to 30000, I haven’t had the problem.

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