Python KNIME Extension


I am trying to set up a Python extension on KNIME. I have py3_knime as my environment and it is connected with Anaconda. My Python 2 is in the base environment, but I’m using Python 3.9.16 and the Conda path is V 4.12.0 in the anaconda3 path. I have a Python source (legacy) node to run and when I run it, I get an error saying “ERROR Python Source (legacy) 3:1 Execute failed: output_table is not defined.” Can anyone help me solve this error? I am using a Mac. TIA!

@AvChrome legacy python nodes would expect a pandas dataframe to be brought back to knime. one idea could be to familiarise yourself with the new Python integration

Then there is a space on the hub with some examples to get used to the syntax.

I would not use python 2 unless you have a very specific use case that would require it. If you want to read about knime and conda in more detail I have this article:


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