Python KNIMEPY - passing variables


I want to try the KNIMEPY toolkit to run a KNIME workflow (on the server) via an external Python IDE.

First of all it is really great that someone is putting a great deal of effort to provide such a crucial KNIME-Python implementation.

One thing I still was not able to find out is, if there is an option to pass variables via external Python IDE to the respective KNIME workflow using KNIMEPY.

I found a forum discussion and followed the links there but I was not able to find a solution yet:

Is there any update on this matter?

Would be great if someone could point me to a solution.



P.s. any other solution to run a KNIME server workflow via python would also be great.

Hi Anjo,

as far as we know, that is not possible so far.

Best regards


I must admit that I halfway expected it from what I found on GitHub and the respective forum entries. May I asked, is KNIMEPY a Knime toolkit that is “fully KNIME fledged” and is still going to be further developed. I mean the integration for Jupyter Notebooks and potential other applications is great and I would really hope for some additional features in the future. If I can upvote this somewhere please let me know.

Many thanks.

Hi @Anjo,

yes and no :slight_smile: Yes, knimepy is a toolkit provided by KNIME and we will make sure that it continues to work while we are improving the KNIME Analytics Platform. But no, we are currently not planning to add new features to knimepy.

Regarding your specific feature request: it would be difficult to integrate knimepy with each IDE that can run Python code. However, what do you think about this workaround:

  • add another Container Input (Table) node to the workflow that you want to remote control
  • put all parameters to pass to your workflow in a separate pandas DataFrame (e.g. by loading a config.csv file?)
  • use the contents of this table in your workflow as parameters, e.g. by turning the data in the table into KNIME flow variables (“Table Row to Variable” node)

Hope that helps,

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