Python Library numpy and pandas missing (Knime 3.7 Python 3)

I have a problem in my python connection which originally works on the previous knime version.
I have pointed it out to the right environment.
The packages on my conda list contain numpy and pandas. All is working well in jupyter.

Please help.
I would like the env to remain like that because I am using it also for a different purpose.

Thank You

Hi @Claudette_Paneza,

for the KNIME Python integration we recommend to use python=3.6. In general, you can find a list of the recommended package version for the KNIME Python Integration here.

I saw that you are pointing directly to the python.exe in your conda environment. As this works for python=3.6, since python=3.7 you need to use a start script for the Python Integration to be able to correctly recognize the installed packages. You can find a description on how to set up such a start script here.

Let me know if you have more questions.


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Hi David,

Thank you it works. Knime now accepts the path without errors.
But I encountered another error. “IndexErrpr : list index out of range”

This error did not exist on the earlier knime version.

Thank You again

Since this is happening within python I doubt that it has to do with the version of KNIME.

The error means you are trying to access a list item that is not there.

Maybe check/print the number of items in the “line” item that starts the loop if it matches the actual number of lines. Or if you may have an empty file.

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Is there any option for using Python without installing conda? I currently have a Python 3.8 installation that works smoothly for all other uses, but Knime consistently throws the error described above…and I’d really rather not install the gigantic reptile :wink:

Library numpy is missing.
Library pandas is missing, required minimum version is 0.20.0 (inclusive).

Documentation implies that it is possible, but does not give any guidance! Anyone out there have experience with it?

(Knime 4.2.1, Python 3.8.5)

I’m having the same issue now with KNIME Version 4.3 and Python 3.8.6. It worked fine on KNIME 4.2 version.
I am using manual configuration of Python with KNIME and not conda.

Error while configuring the bat file
Library numpy is missing.
Library pandas is missing, required minimum version is 0.20.0 (inclusive).

Could you please help resolve this issue?