Python Object Reader (deprecated) - Null Pointer Exception:null

Hi! Please help, I’ve been trying to send an email and encountered this error, It works perfectly fine before so I tried checking the preference for python then added file path again manually, however the same error still exist.

When I tried searching the python object reader (deprecated) in the node repository it renders no result so I tried adding the node again and the error was that Knime Python Integration extension is not installed, so I tried installing it but then again it says that this extension is already installed.

The error is still the same for this node and I’m still new to KNIME so I’m still quite confused. Thank you!


Hi @hainie and welcome to the forum.

I would recommend reading through our documentation on setting up KNIME with Python: KNIME Python Integration Guide

I’m not sure which version of KNIME you are using, and why you are using deprecated nodes - but if you elect to use the manual configuration option, you should point to a script (usually .sh or .bat extension, depending on your operating system) instead of the main Python executable. The docs describe this in detail.

If you are using a more recent version of KNIME, the easiest way to configure things is with docs Option 1, with Anaconda. Maybe give that a try, and if you still have trouble, follow up in this thread?

(Apart from the Python issue, you might also take a look at the Send Email node as an alternative for your original use case.)

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