Python Plotly vs JavaScript Views Plotly

Hi, all i’m playing with plotly but as python script due to the fact that several graph types are not implemented in JS plotly and for the graph types that are implemented they are not implemented completely (color by data for example in violin plot).
A typical example is boxplot, this graph type is not present in Plotly but plotly has a very nice interactive implementation of it and i did it very quickly with python script.
The only thing I can’t sort out is that when i invoke a python plotly script in knime the interactive boxplot is open in a browser window while with JS Plotly it’s open into a minimal Knime window.
I wonder is it’s possible to do the same with python plotly and have the graph into a minimal knime window.

This is an example code:

import as px
fig =, x="Session", y="speed", color="CAR", points='all',  title="Max Speed", template="simple_white")
fig.update_traces(quartilemethod="exclusive") # or "inclusive", or "linear" by default

fig.update_xaxes(showgrid=True, showline=True, linewidth=2, linecolor='black', mirror=True)
fig.update_yaxes(showgrid=True, showline=True, linewidth=2, linecolor='black', mirror=True)
output_image = fig.to_image(format="png")

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Hi @Riodda ,

You can use the Image Output Widget node to display the output of the python node in a similar way to the JS Plotly node.

Hope this helps,

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Hi, i don’t think is the same, Plotly outputs a dynamic webpage and not an imag, the nodes you suggest it’s only fro png or svg.

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I’m not sure if this discussion is still relevant, but search brought me here. Are there links or references to how “dynamic” charts would be done with Python?